Bring Gemstones Metaphysical Properties to …. Your Purse

We often get asked “What am I supposed to do with this crystal/ gemstones? Here are some ideas…. Remember, intention is number one so find that and work from there. No pressure, If your intention is that you just love the way your crystal looks…. Show it off! According to one staffer “I keep a … Continue Reading

Fertility Bracelets

Infertility is a real problem with rippling and negative consequences. Though there are a variety of treatments available to enhance fertility they can be quite monetarily consuming as well as physically demanding! If you or your loved one is having a hard time conceiving maybe after this article you will be open to a more … Continue Reading

Best of Philly Winner, Butcher’s Sew Shop teaches Pattern-Making and Sewing

Summer is right around the corner which means lighter clothes and more beach bags! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, Queen Village as your solution. At Butcher’s Sew Shop (once 1920’s butcher shop) you can learn can do just that. With classes for creating bags, patterns, clothing and more, The Butcher’s Sew Shop … Continue Reading

Mala Workshop

Learn how to create your own knotted Mala necklace with a tassel and Guru bead of your choice. Choose from our wide selection of semi-precious stones in a size and color that works best for you. In this class, you can set your own budget. We’ll provide you with an array of colorful strings to … Continue Reading

Chakra Lesson

Join us at our FREE Chakra Lesson,Sunday, May 22nd at 3pm. Learn about the different chakras and semi-precious stones that can help activate certain chakras. Afterwards, you will have the option to make your very own chakra bracelet using our new chakra charms, available in both precious and plated metal. Please note: Materials to make … Continue Reading

Gemstone Show

We are happy to announce our next major Gem Show will be held at Beadworks on Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st. It is an All-Day, 2-Days Only event, so be sure to stop in early to see all of our newest gemstone beads, findings, clasps, pearls and accents. Whether you are new to beading … Continue Reading